How to pick a perfect workwear saree?

Sep 26, 2023

Choosing a perfect outfit for work can be really complicated and definitely challenging when it comes to sarees. Unlike other outfits, there is a lot of thoughtfulness required to pick the right saree for work. It requires both style and comfort. 

Here are some important points that you need to consider while choosing a perfect workwear saree! 

    • Comfort - Prioritising comfort in your choice of workwear saree is very important. To work comfortably all day long, being able to move around easily and most importantly to feel confident is what you need to keep in mind.

    • Fabric - You’ve got to opt for breathable and lightweight fabrics because they are the best suitable for long hours at work.

    • Colour - The colour of your saree totally depends on the colours that make you feel confident and beautiful. Subtle colours, pastels, and muted shades can be a safe bet.

    • Drape - You must ensure that your saree has got the perfect length and width that matches your height and posture. Make sure it allows a neat drape, offering a crisp and polished look.

  • Designs - It is best for you to pick sarees that carry simple, minimalist designs and patterns for work. You can avoid sarees carrying intricate designs or patterns with heavy stonework or beadwork. It might make you feel uncomfortable and unpleasant.

    • Maintenance - Consider the ease of maintenance. Select a saree that does’nt require frequent ironing or special care, as you will be wearing it regularly for work. 

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