Kashmir Kani Sarees

Kashmir Kani Sarees

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    Kashmiri Kani sarees, also known as Pashmina silk sarees, are directly woven by skilled Kashmiri weavers. These pure kani silk sarees feature distinctive floral patterns with a delicate shimmer, drawing inspiration from the Pashmina shawls of ancient times.

    They are handwoven using the finest silk fabric derived from native silkworms. The Kani sarees symbolize the rich history of the region and the cultural heritage of the nation.

    Beauty of Kashmir Kani Sarees

    In Kashmiri, 'Kani' refers to the wooden sticks or bobbins used to weave each colour of the saree. The weaver painstakingly threads each silk strand through the Kani's eye and interlocks them to create the desired pattern. These sarees are woven on a loom consisting of a carefully constructed wooden frame to provide the necessary tension for the threads.

    To craft these Kashmiri Kani silk sarees, handlooms are operated manually to maintain precise control over every weaving movement.

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