Mangalgiri Sarees

Mangalgiri Sarees

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    Mangalgiri Cotton, Silk & Silk cotton sarees are handwoven at Mangalagiri, a town in the Guntur district, state of Andhra Pradesh. The hand block prints and contemporary patterns on the Mangalgiri cotton, silk & silk cotton sarees elevate their elegance and provide a soft, comfortable feel.

    Mangalagiri cotton sarees feature an additional warp design in the border and are woven with 80s combed pure cotton yarn for both the warp and weft. The additional warp designs are specially known as “Nizam Border".

    Beauty of Mangalgiri Sarees

    Handloom Mangalagiri sarees are popular with high global demand due to its simplistic patterns, durability of fabric, and colours. Since these sarees only have a zari border and zari on the pallu without any embellishments on the main body of saree, the fabric is woven only on pit looms with dobby attachments, which enables the weaver to exert much more force during the weaving process without any gaps.

    These Mangalagiri cotton, silk and silk cotton sarees are the perfect match for all weddings and religious festivals.

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