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Discover the timeless legacy of Kanchipuram weaves with Avishya's exquisite collection of Handloom Kanjivaram Sarees. Experience the richness of Indian heritage woven into every thread, celebrating the artistry of Kanchipuram weavers.

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Vaira Oosi Kanjivarams!

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Avishya offers a diverse range of Kanchipuram sarees, including Bridal Pattu Sarees, Korvai Kanjivarams, Jacquard Kanjivarams, Soft Silk Kanjivarams, Traditional Pattu Sarees, Borderless Beauties, Kanchi Cotton Saree, and more. Step into the Authentic Handloom world of Avishya and adorn yourself with the elegance and charm of these exquisite creations.

Ethirmarai - Contrast Colour Kanjivarams!

Explore the interplay of colors in Avishya's exclusive collection of contrast colour silk sarees.

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Olde Madras Kanjivarams!

Traditional Kanjivarams that capture the timeless elegance of the bygone era in every weave!

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Mayil Chakaram Kanjivarams!

Mayil Chakram Kanjivarams feature stunning peacock-inspired circular motifs, adding a distinctive allure to the classic silk sarees.

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Meenakari Kanjivarams

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