Welcome to Avishya 2.0!

Hello Folks!

Welcome to Avishya 2.0 - the new Avatar of Avishya.com.

A New Year is a harbinger of new beginnings, new initiatives and better times. The last 2 years have been a challenging time for people around the world, and for us at Avishya too. Thankfully with the support of our teams, weavers, vendors and most importantly you - our customer, we have successfully navigated these difficult times. 2022 has begun and we are excited to introduce Avishya 2.0 - a brand new, much improved version of your old familiar website.

For the last 4 to 5 months all of us have been working very hard on putting together this new version of our website. But to be honest, the basic impetus for us to make this big change was you the customer. Avishya 2.0 evolved and took shape on the basis of excellent feedback over the last few years from a large number of committed, passionate customers who cared enough about Indian handlooms to share their inputs with us on a regular basis.

Over the years since the launch of our first website in January 2016 (yes, same date!), Avishya has come a long way achieving some significant milestones en route. When we launched we had collaborations with only a few select weaving clusters/societies. Chanderi, Pochampally Ikat, Gadwal, Maheshwari and Odisha sarees. In a year we set up Blouse Stitching services for our customers - one of the first handloom websites to offer this.

In mid 2017 we discussed and signed up an agreement with a group of weavers and looms in Kanchipuram to launch Hamsadhvani - our own brand of Pure Zari Kanjivaram sarees. Subsequently Yagini Soft Silk Kanchis, Tarangini Electronic Jacquard Kanjivarams, Hamsadhvani Pattu Pavadais and Silk Dhotis followed. Using the downtime in 2020 we worked with an exclusive group of looms in Kanchipuram to develop and launch Swarnambari - our unique line of Heritage Kanjivarams in March 2021.


Coming to Avishya 2.0, what does this new website do for you? A few important advantages

  • Happy browsing - Faster download speeds - better image optimization
  • Easy shopping - Easier discovery of products - better search and navigation interface
  • More choice - Larger variety of product categories - flexibility of website framework
  • Faster checkouts - Quick ordering and payment process

There are many more improvements, but we will leave you to browse the website and discover all the good things on your own :)

We wish you all a very joyful, healthy and abundant New Year 2022!

Jawahar Singh & Kalaivani Sadagopan



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