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Avishya Gold Membership (AGM) 


1. What is Avishya Gold Membership Scheme?

AGM is a special scheme that has been exclusively created to help you plan and buy Avishya Products with extra benefits. All you have to do is Sign up for the Membership with Annual Fee Rs.1999 & Register your Name, Email Id & Whatsapp Number.

Customers enrolled in AGM will be rewarded with points based on the products purchased in Avishya, Customers can redeem their reward points against future purchases.

2. How does it work?

      a.  AGM is an Annual Membership Scheme. Customers who wish to join AGM need to pay an Anunal subscription of Rs.1999. Membership starts from the day customer sign ups with Annual fee of Rs.1999 & is valid for a period of 365 days

      b. Scheme is valid for purchases made by the customer throughout the year during the Annual Membership period.

      c. Annually AGM scheme divided into 4 quarters. 1st  Quarter - 1st April to 30th June, 2nd Quarter - 1st July to 30th September, 3rd  Quarter - 1st October to 31st December, 4th  Quarter - 1st January to 31st March.

       d. Based on the value of the Avishya products purchased by the customers each month, reward points will be credited to their AGM account at the end of the month.

       e. Customers will be notified around the 15th of each month about the latest point tally as on last date of the previous month.

       f. There are no restrictions on date of redemption

       g. At the time of redemption the no. of points that can be redeemed will be as earned by the customer as per the latest point statements.


3. What are the benefits of AGM?

  1. On Enrolling for Avishya Gold Membership every customer will be entitled for a welcome gift. Currently the welcome gift will be blouse/kurta material worth upto Rs.2,000 from Varshini (Partner Brand).

  2. For all purchases of products (Sarees, Salwars, Dupattas etc.,) and services ( Falls stitching, Blouse stitching, Kurta stitching & Salwar Stitching) from Avishya members will be eligible for reward points under AGM.

  Points Chart for Services

          i. For every Falls stitching order 50 rewards points* 

          ii. For every Blouse stitching order 150 reward points*

          iii. Kurta Stitching 200 reward points *

          iv. Salwar Stitching 250 reward points*.

                  *Reward Points applicable only for stitching orders of material / Sarees purchased from Avishya.

  Points Chart for Products

          i. Every product purchased from Avishya is eligible for reward points.

          ii. For product order value from Rs.1500 to Rs.3499 - 50 points*

                                   •  Rs.3,500 to Rs.6,499 - 100 points*

                                   •  Rs.6500 to Rs.9,999 - 150 points*

                                   •  Rs.10,000 to Rs.14,999 - 250 points*

                                   •  Rs.15,000 to Rs.19,999 - 350 points*

                                   •  Rs.20,000 to Rs.24,999 - 450 points*

                                   •  Rs.25,000 to Rs.29,999 - 550 points*

                                   •  Rs.30,000 to Rs.39,999 - 700 points*

                                   •  Rs.40,000 to Rs.49,999 - 900 points*

                                   •  Rs.50,000 to Rs.59,999 - 1100 points*

                                   •  Rs.60,000 to Rs.69,999 - 1300 points*

                                   •  Rs.70,000 to Rs.79,999 - 1500 points*

                                   •  Rs.80,000 to Rs.89,999 - 1700 points*

                                   •  Rs.90,000 to Rs.99,999 - 1900 points*

                                   •  Rs.1 Lakh to Rs.1,24,999- 2250 points*

                                   •  Rs.1,25,000 to Rs.1,49,999- 2750 points*

                                   •  Rs.1,50,000 to Rs.1,99,999- 3500 points*

                                   •  Rs.2 Lakh to Rs.2,49,999 - 4500 points*

                                   •  Rs.2,50,000 to Rs.2,99,999 - 5500 points* 

                                   •  Every Addition Rs.50,000 over and above 3 Lakh - 1000 reward points*

                                                 * shipping charges & stitching charges will not be counted towards the achievement of above slabs.


4. Redemption of Points

    a. Customer can redeem their points at any time of the year.

    b.  Number of points that can be redeemed will be as earned by the customer as per the latest point statements.

    c. Points one redeemed cannot be re-credited    

    d. In case customer want to exchange a product which as been purchased using points redeemed we will be issuing a credit note for the exact value of product value only.

    e. For Redemption orders, points will accrue on product order value nett of redeemed points.

    f. All other terms & conditions will be applicable as per Avishya website.

   g. Avishya reserves the right to change the AGM terms & conditions or discontinue the AGM scheme without prior notice due to unforeseeable circumstances.

   h. Disputes regarding the AGM will be subject to the jurisdiction of Chennai courts only.