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The Venkie Reddy story

Venkatram Reddy (popularly known as Venkie Reddy) is the man behind the Venkie Reddy Collection. Venkie is a connoisseur of antique jewellery and furniture and has been a keen collector for over two decades. His eye for good design and evolved sense of aesthetics led to him developing a passion for handcrafted textiles. Over the last 2 to 3 years he has been working with weavers in Andhra, Karnataka and Kerala by giving them design inputs & re-introducing them to weaving techniques, which are slowly disappearing. To most Bangaloreans, Venkie Reddy would be familiar as the owner of Bangalore’s well-known wedding destination “The Tamarind Tree”.


What’s special about Venkie Reddy?

He blends the classic with the contemporary in his very own inimitable regal style. His sari collections belong to the ‘heirloom’ league and are ‘traditional in style, but contemporary in appeal’. He is passionate about reviving the best South Indian Weaving Traditions. He handpicks each design and his collection of Gadwals, Kothakotas and Kanchis cover an eclectic colour palette and a wide range of design sensibilities



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Gadwal Grands

Pure Silk Gadwals adorned with beautiful Hamsa, Peacocks & Youlis set off by Grand Zari Borders with Intricate Motifs… Perfect for a wedding or any other occasions.  We call them Gadwal Grands

Thandavalam Borders

The Borders of these stunning Kanchipuram Silk Saris resemble railway tracks (hence the name Thandavalam which means “railway tracks” in Tamil).   The band of silk between the 2 parallel bands of zari serves as the perfect backdrop for heavy gold jewellery.  Want to show off your heavy neckpieces....then these saris are what you should wear