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ikat andhra weaves cotton saris

Ikat or Ikkat is a resist dyeing process where the yarn are dyed prior to weaving the fabric. The resist is created by binding bundles of yarns in a tight wrapping as per the desired pattern. The yarns are then dyed after the wrapping is done There are 2 types of ikat – single ikat & double ikat. In the case of single ikat either the warp or weft is predyed before the weaving starts. The pattern is therefore visible in the warp yarns even as they are wound into the looms. In the case of weft ikat, the patterns are dyed on the weft yarns. This is therefore more requires more skill because the weft yarns have to be adjusted in the shuttle during the weaving process. Double ikat of course involves resist-dyeing of both the warp and the weft yarn and hence is the most difficult and requires the highest amount of skill The largest number of ikats come from 3 states in India – Andhra Pradesh, Odisha & Gujarat. The Andhra Style of Ikats is known for their bold colours & patterns. They are woven in both cotton & silk and are extremely popularly amongst most sari wearing women. Andhra ikats are also extremely versatile and used in salwar suits, accessories, dress material and upholstery Ikat weaving in Odisha started in around the 12th century when weavers from Patan migrated to Odisha. The basic techniques that they bought over time developed to a unique style with flowing & delicate designs which are typical of the Odisha style of Ikat. The Gujarat Style of Ikat weaving is one of the most complex styles across India. These double ikat saris woven in the town of Patan are called Patolas. They are made using fine silk yarns and patterned with small motifs that are repeated across the sari. These saris sometimes take upto 6 months to weave and hence are considered to be heirlooms
The Andhra Pradesh & Telengana Regions are one of the most versatile weaving clusters from across India. This region is the home to a variety of weaving traditions – Bold Resist Dyed Ikat Sarees from the Nalgonda & Pochampally Districts, Kuppadam & Kuttu Sarees from the Gadwal Region, Delicate & Light Weight Uppada Silk & Cotton Sarees from the Coastal District of Uppada, Fine Cotton Sarees from Mangalgiri & Venkatagiri, Classic Checkered Sarees from the Narayanpet District and the Delicate & Grand KothaKota Sarees.
Choose from a stunning range of Handcrafted & Handwoven Saris, Dress Material & Accessories made with fine natural cotton. We have a beautiful range Ikats woven with Mercerized Cotton, Jaquard Saris woven with Organic Cotton, Odisha Weavers woven with Single Cotton, Jamdanis in Khadi Cotton & more. Shop with Avishya for the finest range of handwoven cottons
Sari, Saree or Sadis as they are known in different parts of India are a must have for every Indian Woman. Avishya offers a stunning collection of handwoven / handcrafted saris from across India. Our weaves include Kanchipurams, Banarasis, Chanderis, Patolas, Ikats, Jamdanis & more. We also have a stunning range of block printed sarees, screen printed saris and embroidered saris


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