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The story of Khoj!

On a six-acre plot preserved like a jungle, seated amidst hundreds of indigenous trees and flowers, with over 70 varieties of birds, lives Kavita Sanghi, the lady who created the Maheshwari clothing label Khoj. Kavita draws heavily from Nature for her designs. Best known for its trademark, forest-inspired block prints on classic Maheshwaris, Khoj was born nearly 30 years ago, when Kavita desired to help weavers in Maheshwar sell their products better by taking the Maheshwari beyond traditional saris to other apparel like salwar suits and scarves. Kavita’s fabrics are sourced mostly from Raigarh and Maheshwar, and block-printed with natural pigments in Indore.


What’s special about Khoj?

From solo leaf prints, to tall trees, birds, animals and entire forests, all of Nature finds itself block-printed on Kavita’s Maheshwari saris, salwar suits and scarves. Her colour palette varies from solid oranges, reds, blues and greens to unusual shades created by a mix and match of weaves. For instance, to an orange weft, she adds a pink or blue weave, which gives the sari an uncommon colour. While it’s the bright hues that draw youngsters, the elders tend toward her beiges, whites, greys and indigos. You could wear this line to weddings, parties or even to office, depending on how you style it. Pair it with wood jewellery, diamonds or pearls, but always, keep it classy!

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Maheshwari Silk Sarees

Hand Block Printed Maheshwari Silk Sarees. Light Weight Silks with Zari Borders, Hand Block Printed with Floral & Foliage Motifs

Maheshwari Silk Cotton Sarees

The Sheen of Silk combines with the Comfort of Cotton in this range of Forest Inspired Hand Block Printed Silk Cotton Sarees from Khoj

Printed Tussar Sarees

Hand Block Printed Tussar Silk Saree with Rangkaat Pallus, Geecha Pallus and more

Printed Maheshwari Cotton Sarees

Light Weight Cottons in Bright Colours with Bold Prints & Dobby Borders

Dupattas by Khoj

A Lovely Collection of Maheshwari Silk Cotton Dupattas in Shades of White with Floral Gold (Kahri) Prints, Quirky Block Prints & more

Block Printed Stoles

A beautiful Collection of Batiq & Dabu Printed Maheshwar Silk Cotton Stoles