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Ghanshyam Sarode

Ghanshyam Sarode

The Ghanshyam Sarode story!

Ghanshyam Sarode is a textile designer with a difference who creates contemporary handloom fashion using intricate weaves. Deeply passionate about his work, he travels extensively across India in his search for skilled weavers and having worked with artisans and weavers all over the country, he has unmatched knowledge of traditional craft forms and weaving patterns. His stand apart quality lies in modifying these traditional crafts for the modern consumer yet preserving the richness of the craft and tradition. Inspiring handloom enthusiasts for a period of over 25 years, Sarode has had several successful exhibitions all over the world.

What’s special about Ghanshyam Sarode?

His creations include Pure Zari Uppada sarees, brocaded Paithani sarees, Cotton Jamdani sarees, finest Kalamkaris, natural dyed fabrics, dupattas and exclusive Khadi sarees. During the year 1988 he introduced a variation of an age old weaving technique called Jamdani in a small village named Uppada in Andhra Pradesh and thus emerged a new category of sarees called the ‘Uppada’ Saree.

While Sarode is best known for his pioneering efforts in the Uppada sari, the crown jewel in his portfolio is the restored ‘interlocking brocade’ Paithani. The Paithani saree, a traditional Maharashtrian royal weave worn typically at weddings, is typically a combination of floral motifs along with imagery of swans and peacocks. It is also influenced by Mughal and Bengali architecture and features Ajanta motifs as well as latter-day Nizami influences to form exquisite tapestries. Sarode uses an interlocking Paithani weave—two wefts on different shuttles, where the colour changes, in a technique known as kadiyal and leaves the back of the design so seamless as to make it nearly reversible.

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Kanchi Silk Saris

Classic Kanchi Silks with Bold Zari Borders, Beautiful Peacock, Rudhraksha, Hamsa & Paisley Motifs. In a range of stunning colours.

Uppada Silk & Cotton Saris

Choose from a stunning collection of translucent & light weight Uppada Silk & Cotton Saris designed & created by Ghanshyam Sarode

Linen Saris

Cool & Comfortable Linen & Silk Blended Saris in a range of stunning colours. Saris with colourful borders woven using 3 shuttle looms

Kalamkari Sarees

A Beautiful Collection of Hand Painted Pen Kalamkari & Block Printed Kalamkari Sarees in Silk Cotton, Cotton & Linen

Fancy Silk Cotton Sarees

The Shimmer of Silk combines with the Cool Comfort of Cotton in this lovely range of Handwoven Silk Cotton Saree

Banarasi Saris

A Stunning Collection of Cotton, Silk Cotton, Linen & Katan Silk Banarasi Sarees. Each one is a masterpiece

Intricate Andhra Ikat Sarees

Classic Single & Double Ikats, Rare Teliya Rumals and more. A stunning collection of Andhra Ikats by Ghanshyam Sarode

Regal Paithani Sarees

Rare & Rich Paithani Silk & Cotton Sarees. With Bold Pallus woven is Peacocks, Parrots & more...

Gamcha Cotton Sarees

Coarse Gamcha Cotton Sarees for Smart Everyday Elegance

Colourful Narayanpet Sarees

Light Weight Silk & Cotton Naraynapet Sarees with Classic Contrast Borders & Pallus

Classic Gadwals from Andhra

Classic Kuttu Gadwals with Cotton Bodies & Silk Borders, Grand Silk Gadwals & Silk Cotton Semi Gadwals from Ghanshyam Sarode

Printed Sarees

Light weight Kota Silks & Cottons, Printed Silk Cottons, Organzas & Maheshwaris with beautiful Floral & Geometric Prints

Dupion Delights

Textured Dupion Silk Sarees with Tissue & Temple borders and Bright, Colourful Pallus

Deer & Hamsa Kanchis on Sale

A Stunning Collection of Handwoven Kanchipuram Silk Sarees with Deer & Hamsa Motifs - Threadwork Kanchis, Sarees with Multicolour Borders & More

Ikat Cotton Salwar Suit Sets

3 piece Single & Double Ikat Cotton Salwar Suit Set Material in a range of stunning colours

Mangalgiri Salwar Suit Material

Choose from a stunning collection of Handwoven 3-piece Mangalgiri Salwar Suit Sets... Pretty Pastels & Bold Bright Shades with Zari Borders

Ikat Dupion & Linen Sarees

Choose from a stunning collection of Abstract Ikat weaves in Dupion Silk & Linen with stunning Zari & Tissue Borders

Handspun & Handwoven Khadi Sarees

Handspun & Handwoven Khadi Silk & Cotton Sarees with Intricate Jamdani Work

Handwoven Dupattas

Intricate Ikats, Beautiful Kalamkaris, Grand Banarasis & more. Choose from a stunning collection of Dupattas by Ghanshyam Sarode

Stoles & Scarves

Printed Silk Scarves, Handwoven Ikat Cotton Stoles & More

Handwoven Blouse Material

Rich Banarasi Silk, Classic Kalamkaris, Cool Khadis and Textured Twills... Choose from a wide range of blouse material

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